Thursday, February 24, 2011

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AL East

Philadelphia Quakers

The Quakers head into the season with a very suspect pitching staff. The starters may struggle but the offense should help keep them in most games. They are led by one of the better young hitters in the game in Al Ordaz . Will Gardner , Trevor Sherman , and Esmerling Cano will also provide some offensive fireworks for the rookie GM. Their closer, Dave Hermida , is solid but is he being best utilized in that role? With this team’s starting pitchers likely to struggle, he may not have many opportunities to save games and therefore not as many innings pitched for this team that desperately needs as many solid innings pitched as possible.

New York Legends

My team is all about the starting pitching staff. The SP1 through 4 are all guys I gained through trades and are all pretty much number 1 guys. My lineup is built on power, having three 100 power guys and a few others in the 90s. My key additions are my top 4 starting pitchers, my key losses is my whole minor league system basically. I traded them all away for a chance to win now. My best prospect remaining is Tom Mann and he will be up in the majors after 20 or so minor league games. My key major leaguers are Angel Molina , Jhonny Johnson , Alvin Roberts , and Stubby West .

Boston Checkers

With the roll of the dice, the inaugural season of the Boston Checkers went down the drain. Their minors were decimated with early season callups to fill in for the absolutely horrible ML roster compiled by the SIM. There is some hope to meet the league minimum of wins if players such as former Indiana and Texas Tech head basketball coach Bob Knight and Eduardo Almanza put up the type of season they should be capable of. Pitching will be an issue this season in Beantown and they will rely heavily on the arm of Henry Mullens to bring home some victories this season. So if you plan on coming out to spend an evening at Fenway this season, come early and down a few on Lansdowne St., enjoy the experience of Yawkey Way or have a big bowl of chowdah. Chances are what you see on the field will be a bit disappointing.

Baltimore Ironclads

Baltimore should have one of the more potent offenses in the league. They are led by super star Jin Ho Yang who the GM thinks should contend for the MVP for ten years, and I agree, he should have an excellent career anchoring the Ironclads’ offense. Also contributing will be Lewis Tremie who may be a defensive liability at SS but can rake with the best of them. Vance Sosa is slated to be the teams #1 starter right now. Can his incredible splits overcome his low control? Baltimore sure hopes so as they will need him to perform as an ace if they are to compete for the title.

AL West

Seattle 747s

My team has a decent lineup with Chico Montanez & Jay Patrick leading the way. My rotation is going to be weaker after several big trades. Season one may not be my season, but with several very good young players in AAA and AA, the future is close. 3 Players to watch for are Edwin Walton , Ryan Frank & Ewell Osterbrock

San Francisco Slingers

The Slingers go into the season optimistic of their chances to compete for a division crown. They haven't had full backing from some of their fans however because they feel like the owners didn't open up their pocketbook enough in the offseason. With speedsters Vic Serrano and Parker Jacquez in the top of the order followed by some good power in Archie Coco and Armando Marrero, they could prove to be one of the stronger top of the orders in the league. Watch for Jacquez to have a breakout season as he is currently lighting up Spring Training with a .462 average and 3 home runs. The key for them will come in pitching and the ability of some good young minor leaguers to step up when called upon. Angel Espinosa at 31 will be looked upon as one of the elder leaders of the pitching staff and Tom Mora looks to be a big contributor as well. Regardless of the outcome, the Slingers feel that with their fans expectations being low and being tagged as an underdog in the league, they have nowhere to go but up.

Los Angeles Aces

The Aces will be anything but... This team has a good young nucleus to build around, but it will take a couple of seasons to become a viable contender in ULB.
[Editor's Note: I guess LA prefers to be shrouded in mystery.]

Portland Pioneers

We feel pretty confident in the team we have assembled. Veteran Tris Steenstra along with up and coming superstar Terry Thurman lead a potent offense, and old man Lyle Galloway leads a strong pitching staff. Several trades have brought in some fresh new faces and added some pop to the lineup and some gas to the staff. Once the season gets started, we will know more about our team, but fans and ownership alike are confident in the boys to come together and play winning baseball. The Pioneer faithful are ready to cheer their team to a pennant.

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