Saturday, February 5, 2011

Budgets by Division

The budgets have come across the wire for each of the 32 teams preparing to launch their innaugural season in the United League of Baseball. Here is a breakdown by division of player payroll budget. Which teams will be making runs at expensive free agents in an attempt to wear the crown first?

AL North
Toronto Mounties, $85M
Buffalo Mammoths, $82M
Montreal Hilltoppers, $80M
Cleveland Crows, $75M

Pretty reasonable payrolls from the only division to feature Canadien teams.

AL East
Baltimore Ironclads, $96M
New York Legends, $91M
Philadelphia Quakers, $78M
Boston Checkers, $73M

The Yankees they are not--the Legends don't even have the highest payroll in their own division.

AL South
Jacksonville Sharks, $97M
Kansas City Bolts, $80M
Louisville Thoroughbreds, $79M
Houston Vultures, $74M

The Sharks left themselves plenty of financial wiggle room only to trade away 2 big contracts this morning--pending league approval.

AL West
Los Angeles Aces, $102M
Seattle 747s, $90M
Portland Pioneers, $90M
San Francisco Slingers, $79M

The AL West is the only division to feature 3 teams with over $90M. Can the Slingers keep pace?

NL North
Milwaukee Wolves, $105M
Minnesota Lumberjacks, $94M
Chicago Hitmen, $84M
Detroit Roadsters, $78M

The Wolves are the second predatory animal to have the highest payroll in their division, after the Sharks.

NL East
Cincinnati Tall Stacks, $125M
St. Louis Bishops, $116M
Indianapolis Racers, $85M
Pittsburgh Phantoms, $72M

Indeed, the two highest payrolls reside in the same division. This could be quite a heated battle on the open free agent market. It will be interesting to see what kind of coaches Cincinnati ends up with given their $6M available to spend on them.

NL South
Atlanta Fireballs, $108M
New Orleans Jesters, $89M
Charlotte Cavalry, $69M
Tampa Bay Barracuda, $61M

The anti-NL East, the NL South features the two teams with the lowest payrolls.

NL West
Las Vegas Daredevils, $89M
Arizona Geckos, $87M
Salt Lake City Miners, $84M
Oklahoma City Kingfishers, $77M

We finish as we began, with a lot of middle-of-the-road payrolls. Who can emerge from the pack?

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