Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Fish Bigger than Sharks' Tannehill

Jacksonville, FL -- The Jacksonville Sharks got their man; SP Royce Tannehill was never able to escape the confines of northern Florida, though his bank account will have a lot more 0's in it than ever before.

Tannehill, the hottest commodity on the open market during the innaugural free agency period of the ULB, put several teams on pins and needles for days before settling on the full max contract the Sharks had lain on the table.  The contract is a 5-year deal at $20M per season, with the added perks of a $10M signing bonus, a full no-trade clause, and a player option on the deal's final year.

The Sharks' current
payroll is $94,245,645.
Jacksonville ownership had really hoped Tannehill would simply resign when they had exclusive negotiating rights, but the call of a big pay day was too appealing.  Now, both parties got what they wanted.

Tannehill is unquestionably the best starter on Jacksonville's roster now, and he may need to pitch 40 times for this team to be competitive this season.  If they are not competitive, perhaps the lucrative deal will still bring fans to the stadium every fifth day.  The Sharks are within $3M of their budgeted payroll, so there probably aren't many aggressive personnel moves in their future before the season opens on April 3.

With the big question of the winter now resolved, the anticipation for the launch of ULB's premiere season can now mount unabated.  Spring games start in just 3 days.

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