Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NL South

Atlanta Fireballs owner: bencap

The Atlanta Fireballs are an organization loaded with top pitching prospects such as Theodore Becker , Emmanuel Goodwin , David Mercado , Rollie Florie , Howie Blake . We also have a couple of good hitting prospects in Earl Myers , Jesus Cabrera , Ryne Williams among others who should make the ML level team very good in 3-5 seasons. This franchise is setup for the long haul. At the ML level in season 1 the team will be led by players such as Mark Abbott Skeeter Bradford Jonathan Towers and Buck Meyers. Should be an interesting journey with this organization.

Tampa Bay Barracuda owner: pinotfan

The Tampa Bay Barracuda are looking forward to a challenging first season in the ULB. We are very happy with the coaching and scouting staffs we have assembled, and are already seeing benefits from our personnel.

Looking at a hefty salary that would consume over ten percent of our payroll, we decided to move slugging catcher Phil Pellow for three prospects: Chris Service, Doug McCall, and Brayan McGrady. All three were invited to Spring Training this year, and look very promising.

Spring Training batting standouts were AA League Catcher Ken Telford with 3 HR and 10 RBI and Rookie League SS P.J. Callaway who batted .375, both in extended action. Pitching stars were AAA Pitchers Joey Balester and Josias Reyes, both of whom logged double-digit innings with WHIPs under 1.00.

Unfortunately, on the last day of Spring Training top slugging first base prospect Ham Tam went down with an arm injury projected to sideline him for upwards of a year. Projected to make the jump from Rookie League to High A, Ham will instead be looking at a prolonged rehab assignment.

Star SS Valerio Ozuna will anchor the major league line-up, while the topic of many trade rumors, Ignacio Hernandez, is the team’s ace.

Charlotte Cavalry owner: mewis22

This franchise was tough to decide what my game plan would be. Mediocre offense with no real superstars in the BL offense, however my Rotation is one on the best. Anchored by two vets Wayne Vickers , Jimmie Aguilera and the Franchise Horacio Pineda . For as good as my rotation is, my bullpen is at the bottom. I predict I will be a 500 team. I'm excited for the future as I have a core of guys that I can build a nice team around. Yovani Rosado , Ruben Encarnacion and Spud Newman look to be my future stars on offense. Have some decent pitchers in the minors, Alfonso De La Vega looks to be my next star pitcher. I didn't get into the Trade frenzy like most did, but I do plan on making some deals. I'm sure there will be some teams making a push for the playoffs who need that one player to get you over the top, well I might have that guy..

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